Mount your new armrest

Mount our new
armrest – Split

Split allows individual adjustment of each part, enabling the user to rotate and slide the supports in different directions to optimize their working posture. This forearm support is compatible with most desks that have a tabletop up to 35 mm, thanks to the adjustable brackets included.

Mount the forearm supports – Symmetrical & Asymmetrical


Tools and accessories you need

Your new armrest comes with all the accessories you need to mount it ergonomically and safe.

In the accompanying box you will find:
  • Screws and hooks for table mounting
  • Locking screws that hold the armrest in place
  • Mounting pads to minimize damage to your desk
  • Allen key for easy assembly

Mount the hooks under the armrest

Start by turning the armrest upside down and attach the included hooks with two screws each. You easily do that with the enclosed Allen key and included screws.

Lock the armrest underneath your desk

With the armrest still upside down, screw down the locking screws and then attach it to the desired location on your desk.
Screw until they almost touch the underside of the table top.


Fastening the armrest

Secure the armrest by locking it into the table top. Use the supplied protective pads and screw until the armrest feels firm and stable.


Congratulations! Now you can work more ergonomically

Your new armrest helps to relieve strain in your neck, back, shoulders and forearms. The ergonomic design promotes a naturally centered and relaxed working position in front of your Mousetrapper or keyboard.

The Mousetrapper armrest is easy to clean and disinfect, since the top surface is made from black artificial leather.