Sustainability blog

Can a technology company work sustainably? Yes, we are convinced of that.

Mousetrapper has for many years worked to try to find long-term sustainable solutions. We want to be a good player in society, and contribute what we can as a technology company. It is not always easy, but we strive to see how far we can go. Recently, we have intensified our sustainability work and we want to be transparent with what we do, and invite you to follow our journey.

Here you will find short blog posts about what we do to one day become a truly sustainable company. Follow us, and feel free to contact us with ideas and comments. We like that!

Sustainability blog | 30 June 2022

Big challenge = suppliers.

From a global perspective, being a small technology producer company in Sweden, it is not so easy to always get what you want when discussing with different suppliers. Many components in a Mousetrapper are manufactured by large suppliers, where we are a minor player. But there are also suppliers who listen to us, where, for example, the company that moulds our plastic parts really makes an effort...

Sustainability blog | 13 June 2022

Everyone must join! We do it together.

Work is currently underway to anchor Mousetrapper's sustainability work internally in the organization. We believe that this is one of the most critical issues for us to achieve our sustainability goals in the long term. Then it is crucial that everyone gets involved and updated about what is happening.

Sustainability blog | 19 April 2022

The better you understand, the greater commitment.

The sustainability strategy is the hub of the work, but the heart of the work lies with the employees. They must strive for and feel that even though we are a company that produces advanced technical products, we can actually contribute and make a difference.

Sustainability blog | 11 March 2022

We systemically strive to reach what's best for the whole.

Now I have been working to support the sustainability work at Mousetrapper for about a year. A year that primarily focused on the climate, where we have built up an internal knowledge and understanding of where we are standing and what challenges lie ahead.

Part of a whole

Sustainability is about so much more than material selection and transport. Everything is connected, decisions we make today will have consequences in the future. At Mousetrapper, we want more than to have a well-written policy. We really want to be involved and do our part.