Sustainability blog

Can a technology company work sustainably? Yes, we are convinced of that.

Mousetrapper has for many years worked to try to find long-term sustainable solutions. We want to be a good player in society, and contribute what we can as a technology company. It is not always easy, but we strive to see how far we can go. Recently, we have intensified our sustainability work and we want to be transparent with what we do, and invite you to follow our journey.

Here you will find short blog posts about what we do to one day become a truly sustainable company. Follow us, and feel free to contact us with ideas and comments. We like that!

Sustainability blog | 4 June 2024

We want to do as much as possible in recycled materials

Right now, we are looking at how we can reduce the material usage for our products. With plastic, we have already made good progress, as we use more and more recycled material, but there are still many parts to consider.

Sustainability blog | 14 May 2024

We try to live as we learn – the circular society in the office

We want more people to reuse our products as part of the transition to a circular society. Therefore, we at Mousetrapper should also act in the same way when purchasing items.

Sustainability blog | 18 April 2024

What is a sustainable supplier?

We want to be able to influence and assist our suppliers in becoming as sustainable as possible. Sustainable suppliers make our products more sustainable.

Sustainability blog | 3 April 2024

Electric and hybrid cars reduce our emissions

We can see how emissions from our business trips have increased after the pandemic, and there is a great need to meet face-to-face – because it's easier to demonstrate and discuss what ergonomics entails then.