Advance 2.0


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Advance 2.0 is our top seller and with 6 programmable keys, it offers you a range of options to customise your Mousetrapper exactly the way you want it. Mousetrapper Advance 2.0 is an ergonomic mouse alternative that prevents repetitive strain injury and other problems that may arise when working with a traditional mouse.A total of six programmable buttons give you plenty of options for setting up your Mousetrapper exactly the way you want. Download our app, which lets you easily reconfigure all the button functions, create user profiles and much more.

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6 buttons

Programmable buttons for customization to your needs with our app.


Adapt Advance 2.0 to your needs. With a folding non-slip surface that makes it easy to find the right height and replaceable wrist supports.


Allows precise and effective work with a DPI of 2000. Change the sensitivity and speed with MT Keys.


Why use a centrally positioned mouse?

A centered position for your hands is essential to prevent RSI. Overstretching the arm to reach for the mouse beyond the keyboard is a common trap. By using an ergonomic mouse like Mousetrapper you get an ergonomically healthy position that keeps your arms and hands relaxed. It has been found that a centered mouse, often after only a couple of weeks, provides a noticeable improvement.

Mousetrapper Control Pad

The Mousetrapper Control Pad is not a touch pad, it’s a mechanical control pad with a very unique tactile feeling. By placing your index, middle and ring fingers on the control pad you can control the cursor with simple movements as the control pad moves smoothly in two dimensions. It is easy to use and gives the user maximum flexibility with the option of clicking directly on the Control Pad.

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Key features

  • Super-slim, ergonomic design
  • Control pad with click and scroll functions
  • 6 programmable buttons for customization, using MT Keys
  • Replaceable wrist supports
  • Height adjustment with folding non-slip surface
  • 2000 dpi
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Technical specifications

Product benefits

Mousetrapper advance 2.0 is our top seller. You can configure the button functions to suit your needs. The soft wrist supports are easy to replace. USB connection to your computer.

Technical specifications

– Control pad with click function and scroll on right side
– 6 programmable buttons
– USB (USB-Mini) connection
– 2,000 dpi
– Supports MT Keys

What is included?

The Mousetrapper Advance 2.0 comes with a USB-Mini cable for easy connection and an instruction manual to help you get your Mousetrapper quickly up and running.


ABS plastic shell, textile/silicone control pad and lycra wrist supports.


Compatible with all PC and Mac computers with a USB port. Our app requires Windows 10 or later, or Mac OS 10.15 or later.


Width: 18.9 inches
Height: 0.8 inches
Depth: 4.3 inches
Weight: 1.6 lbs
Product code: White MT112

Invented, designed and built by Mousetrapper in Sweden.