Fight the Pain

Our first Mousetrapper was launched in 1994 by Swedish inventor Rolf Strömberg. Its success has made it the market leader in Scandinavia and led to its international launch. We now know, along with most ergonomics specialists and physiotherapists, that the strain of desk work can be avoided.

Mousetrapper is designed, developed and manufactured in Sweden, and we are proud to have complete control of the entire process.

Design that simplifies everyday life

Design is among the most important things we have. Attractive design makes us want to use a product, while functional design makes it user-friendly.
Mousetrapper continuously focuses on both these aspects. We always strive to make our products as aesthetically pleasing as possible without compromising on functionality. It is with functional design that we offer the best help to users.


One part of a whole

There is so much more to sustainability than choice of materials and transportation. Everything is connected – decisions made today have consequences for tomorrow. It is, of course, a matter of our planet and our future environment, but also about creating favorable conditions for employees, contributing to societal benefit and promoting sound business practices. At Mousetrapper, we want more than just a well-written policy. We really want to contribute, and do what we can to create a more sustainable society.

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Product development for tomorrow’s requirements

We live in a constantly evolving world where requirements from both users and the market are ever changing. Our expert product developers work every day to develop the latest cutting edge solutions. Are you curious about how we develop our products? Contact us. We will be happy to tell you more.


More than 25 years of experience

We know what we’re talking about. Right from the start, we have continuously striven to develop and improve our industry. With smart innovations and cutting edge technology, we always aim to remain one step ahead in developing the next generation of ergonomic mice.