One part of a whole

There is so much more to sustainability than choice of materials and transportation. Everything is connected – decisions made today have consequences for tomorrow. It is, of course, a matter of our planet and our future environment, but also about creating favorable conditions for employees, contributing to societal benefit and promoting sound business practices. At Mousetrapper, we want more than just a well-written policy. We really want to contribute, and do what we can to create a more sustainable society.

It will not be easy. Working as a manufacturer has consequences that are not immediately apparent. However, wherever possible, we want to be a part of an integrated whole and accept our share of the responsibility.

Below is a brief summary of what we do and how we think. 

How can a manufacturer in Sweden contribute to a better environment?

Mousetrapper’s products are not only designed to last but also to minimise environmental impact. These are not throwaway products. They are easy to clean, and spare parts for ongoing service and maintenance are available – all key to prolonging their longevity. And they are designed to be easily recycled to the maximum extent possible once they finally reach the end of their service life.

Our suppliers are mainly located in our vicinity, and have been selected with care. For example, printed circuit boards are manufactured in Sweden and plastic components are produced in Estonia, which helps reducing transportation distances. Also, we have chosen suppliers that we can work close to, meaning we can maintain a dialogue with them and exert real influence. Naturally, we are always on the lookout for good recyclable materials. We also make sure that faulty plastic components are ground down and used to make new products.

Sustainability Policy

Sustainability report

“Our mission is to prevent harm to people and the planet by delivering products that contribute to improved public health and the well-being of future generations.”

Every year we publish our sustainability report to show how a tech company is doing its part to help the planet and its inhabitants.

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“We want to be a good player in society, and contribute what we can as a technology company.”

Anders Ehnbom, CEO
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People who work with and for us should thrive

Diversity is good. At Mousetrapper, we see it as an advantage that everyone can contribute different perspectives and skills – regardless of gender, cultural background, sexual orientation or education. We consider this a key to our competitiveness. As a global company, having employees with different backgrounds and experiences is an asset.

It goes without saying that we endorse both the UN and ILO Conventions on human rights and working conditions. Read more in our Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct

Ecological Sustainability

Ecological sustainability is the prerequisite for all development, the framework within which we must operate. To this end, Mousetrapper engages in climate, water, material, energy and biodiversity conservation efforts.

Sustainable Management

Good management means adopting a holistic approach to sustainability, where corporate ethics, transparency, participation, accountability, follow-up and feedback are integrated into all tools and processes.

Social Sustainability

Social sustainability is about quality of life and good trading conditions, strengthening equality, equal opportunities and non-discrimination through an attractive work environment that promotes health, safety, competence and diversity.

Sound business practices produce long-term outcomes

Of course, it is easy to take shortcuts and cheat one’s way to quick and easy victories. But at Mousetrapper, we want to think long-term. If we can develop competitive products and endeavour for long-term professional collaborations with our partners and suppliers, we believe we will be rewarded with long-term success. We want to build a culture based on transparency and trust in these relationships – where we can rely on each other and together create sound business practices.

Bribes are an anathema that poison business life and which we take a firm stance against. This also applies to all forms of unethical and unlawful acts. Of course, we expect our partners and suppliers to share the same standpoint.

Have any questions or ideas to help us improve? Please feel free to contact us.

Sustainability can easily become another item to check off a to-do list. However, that’s not how we want it to be, and we would appreciate your help. We are constantly looking for ways to develop our business and products from a holistic perspective – where environmental, social and financial responsibility go hand in hand.

Anders Ehnbom
CEO, Mousetrapper