Be more effective with MT Keys

We understand the importance of a customized user experience. Just as some people want their screen at a specific angle or their table at a specific height, we believe it should be easy to customize a computer mouse. Thanks to MT Keys, you can make your Mousetrapper unique by configuring the key functions to suit the way you work.

MT Keys makes working with a computer easier!


Mousetrapper MT Keys

Change the keys to suit your workflow

To use MT Keys in your browser, you must have the latest version of Chrome or Edge.

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Windows 10

For Windows 10 or higher. Only compatible with Mousetrapper Prime, Advance 2.0, Flexible and Alpha.


For all Windows up to Windows 10. Compatible with all Mousetrapper products except Alpha and Lite.


For Mac OS 10.15 and later versions. Compatible with all Mousetrapper products except Lite.