11 March 2022

We systemically strive to reach what’s best for the whole.

Now I have been working to support the sustainability work at Mousetrapper for about a year. A year that primarily focused on the climate, where we have built up an internal knowledge and understanding of where we are standing and what challenges lie ahead.

We have received a lot, such as in-depth training for those in charge at Mousetrapper to be able to develop an action plan for the climate with different sub-goals.

Passion, not just strategy

As a foundation, we have developed the first version of a sustainability strategy and tried to ensure it links to underlying strategies and guidelines.
But it is not enough to only have a sustainability strategy. Therefore, we have also worked to get everyone involved and understand how and why Mousetrapper wants to contribute to achieving the climate goals from the Paris Agreement.

Gino Carciola, sustainability consultant, MiljöMatematik

Do you want to know more about our sustainability work, or have questions? Do not hesitate to contact me. I can not answer everything but I can answer as best I can. You can reach me on [email protected], +46 76 949 70 44.