I wanted to build a business that takes sustainability seriously

I started at Mousetrapper 2017, and even then, for several years, they had an ambition to work environmentally friendly. For example, they brought production to Europe from having previously been produced in Asia, because they wanted to reduce the environmental impact by avoiding long transports. Europe is our main market which made it logical to produce here. There were also advantages to being able to work with partners in the local area who were prepared to take responsibility for the environment – and with whom you could have a close dialogue with and easily check that everything works.

Ergonomically well-designed products with a long service life

What I saw then inspired me to try to build a business that minimizes environmental impact, but still does not compromise with our mission: To produce ergonomically well-designed products that have a long life.

Stay tuned – the trip may be the goal

We do not expect that it will go in a jiffy. It will probably never be completely clear, but if you follow us, I will share our problems and successes on the way to our goal. You will be able to follow our journey, step by step and hopefully we can influence more people to want to work more sustainably.

Anders Ehnbom, CEO

Do you want to know more about our sustainability work, or have questions? Do not hesitate to contact me. I can not answer everything, but I can answer as best I can. You can reach me at [email protected], +46 76 949 70 44.