14 May 2024

We try to live as we learn – the circular society in the office

We want more people to reuse our products as part of the transition to a circular society. Therefore, we at Mousetrapper should also act in the same way when purchasing items. That’s why we’re now trying, as far as possible, to buy second-hand when we need something. We’ve discovered that there are plenty of great conference tables, desks, and chairs that are perfectly fine but not new. And did you know that you can buy used phones that may be a generation older than the latest but still work perfectly and have been refurbished to feel like new? By making smart choices, we achieve multiple benefits: we get new items we need for ourselves, with minimal environmental impact – and at the same time, we save some money. Did someone say win-win?

Do you want to know more about our sustainability work, or have questions? Do not hesitate to contact me. I can not answer everything, but I can answer as best I can. You can reach me at [email protected], +46 76 949 70 44.