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The Standfriend Story

At Mousetrapper, we have a mission: No one should suffer pain from having to work in an awkward position. Or, as we use to say, we Fight the Pain.

It all started with a computer mouse in 1994 when the Swedish inventor Rolf Strömberg launched our first Mousetrapper – a mouse alternative that prevents repetitive strain injury and other issues that can occur when you work with a traditional mouse.

Since then, we have extended our range of “Fight-the-Pain-products”, and our latest addition is Standfriend, which helps you switch between standing and sitting. An excellent way to feel better and have more stamina.

How it started

From the beginning, we evaluated our range and realized that our products covered most of the situations to support a healthy work position at the work desk. Ergonomic mice, keyboard, supportive mat, laptop stand, and armrests – but we lacked a product supporting us to stand up and work.

Our designers outlined a concept that fulfilled our demands: We wanted it to be easy to use, easy to store and – not least important – it had to be attractive. Something we would like to see in our home and use every day, for many years.

“We want to be a good player in society, and contribute what we can as a technology company.”

Anders Ehnbom, CEO

Sustainable in many ways

Sustainability is at the core of our company, and though we are a tech company, we try our best to minimize the impact on our environment. If you want to learn more about our ambitions, please read this.

It’s natural for us to produce locally in Sweden. It reduces transportation needs, and it gives us transparency of the entire production, which improves the quality – and assures a sustainable process. The materials used – from packaging to the product are produced in a sustainable way. Standfriend is manufactured in the Småland region, known for its entrepreneurial spirit and craftsmanship. It is also the home of several Swedish well-known companies in design and manufacturing as IKEA and Husqvarna.

It is often said that the best thing you can buy to act sustainably conscious is to buy something that lasts long. Our aim is that your Standfriend will be a long-term pal that can live with you – and who knows? Maybe even the next generation will find it to be a friend that helps them Fight the Pain.