29 August 2022

New Climate Report Ready!

Our second Climate Report, for 2021, is now ready. In comparison to 2020, we see some pronounced differences, most of which are probably due to the fact that we now have better tools for our calculations. We’ve identified a number of new metrics so we can clearly see that we’re moving in the right direction.

Optimism about 2030 climate goals

When we started work two years ago, my colleagues and I were wondering how on earth we could succeed?? But now that we’ve started our journey towards achieving Sweden’s ambitious implementation of the Paris Agreement, I’m much more optimistic. It’s my firm belief that we will achieve the goal of halving our greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

But this requires continued focus and hard work – we will need to maintain an annual 9% reduction in emissions in order to succeed. But now this actually feels doable!

Do you want to know more about our sustainability work, or have questions? Do not hesitate to contact me. I can not answer everything but I can answer as best I can. You can reach me on [email protected], +46 76 949 70 44.